Till The Day We Die : Nikki & Kenny Book 3

Till The Day We Die : Nikki & Kenny Book 3


For the past eighteen months, Nikki and Kenny's life has been on a roller coaster. It started off slow and picked up speed as they wound their way through the loops and turns of their life together. First the wedding. Then the career change and starting the new business. Joining the FBI was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they are finally able to put their gifts to use helping others. A curse because they had to ruin their reputation to work undercover. Neither one of them were happy about that, but knew it had to be done. Just when everything is starting to settle down and they have worked out a way to work for both the FBI and themselves, somebody wants to run the roller coaster off it's tracks. Kenny has been having a rough time since the last mission. He's having a problem coming to terms with what happened with his ex-girlfriend Lisa. Nikki has been racking her brain trying to come up with a way to help him deal with what Lisa had done. Just when they both have it figured out they are called back into service. Only this time it is not their boss at the FBI calling them in. This time it is not the new director or assistant director of Homeland Security calling them in. Oh, the mission is a Homeland Security job. But the person calling them in this time is the bad guy. They've been given seventy-two hours to find the bad guy. Failing is not an option, because the consequences are to high. Can they get past their personal problems, pool their gifts and get the job done before time runs out? Can they survive what has to be done to accomplish this mission?

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Juliann Vatalaro
Paperback | 310 pages
152 x 229 x 17mm | 417g
Publication date
14 May 2017
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform